Here you can watch a selected collection of presentations from the past Creative Technologies events.


7 September 2023 | Rethinking reality – where is XR heading?
Dooley Muprhy (Laerdal Medical & | Jussi Mäkinen (Varjo)

Dooley Murphy & Jussi Mäkinen

30 March 2023 | Knowledge, belief and otherness
Joshua Sofaer ( | Laura Beloff (Aalto University)

Joshua Sofaer & Laura Beloff

2 March 2023 | AI and creativity
Peter Dalsgaard (Aarhus University) | Otso Lähdeoja (University of the Arts Helsinki)

Peter Dalsgaard & Otso Lähdeoja

2 February 2023 | New forms of social interaction 
Giulio Jacucci (University of Helsinki) | Robin Welsch (Aalto University)

Giulio Jacucci & Robin Welsch


1 December 2022 Anna Kantosalo (University of Helsinki) | Geraint Wiggins (Vrije Universiteit Brussel & Queen Mary University of London)

Anna Kantosalo & Geraint Wiggins

3 November 2022 Jon McCormack (Monash University) | Christian Guckelsberger (Aalto University)

Jon McCormack
Christian Guckelsberger

1 November 2022 Computational design special seminar by William Bondin and Francois Mangion

William Bondin & Francois Mangion

10 October 2022 Visiting lecture by Daniel Berio: Procedural and computer aided design of graffiti art and calligraphy

Daniel Berio

6 October 2022 Mary Lou Maher (UNC Charlotte) | Hironori Yoshida (Future University Hakodate)

Mary Lou Maher
Hironori Yoshida

8 September 2022 Luba Elliott ( | Koray Tahiroğlu (Aalto University)

Luba Elliott
Koray Tahiroğlu